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Urban Matters is a company of advisors with expertise in urban planning, engineering, architecture, social work, public policy, collaborative innovation, partnership brokering, and applied social innovation.

  • Lee Prevost

  • Urban-Matters-Trina-W-UM

    Trina Wamboldt

  • Jen Casorso

  • Jade Arignon

  • Julianne Kucheran

  • David Carruthers

  • Urban-Matters-ken-gauthier

    Ken Gauthier

  • Urban-Matters-Jerome-L

    Jerome Lengkeek

  • Erin Welk

  • Urban-Matters-Matt-Thomson-Feat2

    Matt Thomson


  • Stan Leyenhorst

  • Urban-Matters-Andrew-Greer

    Andrew Greer

  • Urban-Matters-daniellelevine

    Danielle Levine

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