Our Consulting & Advisory Services team focuses on delivering applied social innovation by identifying and scoping challenges, and bringing together diverse (and often unlikely) partners to co-develop solutions to complex social problems. Our Advisory Services team focuses on process expertise, while benefiting from deep networks of subject matter experts to do research, analysis, strategy and policy work. We source the data, crunch the numbers, make sense of and connect things in sometimes surprising ways.

Our work is inclusive and aims to incorporate views, opinions and suggestions from a range of sources across community and levels of government. This ensures that the approaches are grounded in reality. That they are valued, actionable, sometimes suprising. And, in the process of our engagements we build capacity across the community to understand the issue and participate in delivery of solutions.

While each project is different, four core activities (and the ways we do them) set our services apart: 


  • Engaging: Our expertise, coupled with broad networks in diverse communities across western Canada, enable us to deliver tailored, creative engagement for any project type.
  • Convening: As a social enterprise with deep connectivity in communities, we are uniquely positioned to bring together diverse parties across social serving organizations, government, and business, enabling creative partnerships and solutions to the table to address complex problems.
  • Facilitating: Our talented and experienced facilitators co-develop solutions with actors who know about their local challenges, and their available community assets.
  • Innovating: With any advisory undertaking, the proof is in the pudding: our approach focuses on creating mechanisms and vehicles for implementation. Sometime these include partnerships, financing approaches, projects, the develpment of social ventures, or something else entirely. We prioritize sustainable progress. Explore our case studies to gain an understanding of the range of projects we’re working on.

Explore our case studies to learn more about the projects we’re working on.

Case Study: Okanagan Transportation Partnering

Local governments are exploring innovative ways to both directly and indirectly deliver services to citizens that result in better outcomes for everyone. Communities are responding to a multitude of complex challenges – from housing affordability and...

Case Study: Indigenous Social Enterprise Workshops

In 2014, our President Ken Gauthier was invited on a traditional moose hunt near Fraser Lake, BC, with Paul Lacerte (and his Son Kelleh), then Executive Director of the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres. Paul and his family, originally of Carrier...

what we’re working on

Calgary Urban Sustainablility Housing Renewal Project

in 2017 and 2018 Urban Matters CCC led a combined Urban Matters-Urban Systems team as a partner on a redevelopment plan for two City of Calgary affordable housing properties. The redevelopment will significantly expand occupancy, while also focusing on building more complete communities with access to supports and amenities for whole communities. The Urban team contributed a situational analysis, detailed housing needs assessment, and a financial analysis of options for redevelopment.

City of Richmond Homelessness Strategy

Along with BC Non-Profit Housing Association Urban Matters CCC is working with the City of Richmond to update their Homelessness Strategy. The stakeholder focused – co-creation project will focus on gap analyses, best practices reviews and finally strategy development.

City of Kelowna Housing Needs Assessment and Healthy Housing Strategy

In 2017 Urban Matters CCC worked closely with the City to incorporate an asset-based and resilience lens to the City’s Housing Needs Assessment. Work is ongoing to support the City’s Healthy Housing Strategy with best practices research, technical analysis to refine strategy options, and support in stakeholder engagement.

Strathcona Regional District Housing Needs Assessment

Urban Matters CCC in the beginning of 2018 led an Urban Matters-Urban Systems team in delivering a quantitative housing needs assessment for the Regional District. The project includes a needs analysis and assessment of the Region based largely no public, and stakeholder data, as well as an engagement component to assess housing need in smaller communities in the Region.

City of Vancouver Homeless Count

Urban Matters CCC in 2018 participated in planning and delivering the 2018 Vancouver Homeless Count, alongside many other partners. Urban Matters has supported survey development, survey planning and coordination, and is leading data analysis and report development.

Gibsons Affordable Housing Development

Urban Matters CCC is working with the Town of Gibsons and the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society to develop a mixed income rental development of 30-40 units. Urban Matters’ project contributions included a Town-owned land review, community engagement activities, and consultation with architectural consultants to develop site plans and designs, and a capital budget.

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