Urban Matters CCC is a company of advisors with expertise in social innovation and finance, social enterprise development, social work and public policy, convening and facilitation, urban planning, engineering and architecture, housing and infrastructure, management consulting, and partnership/coalition building.
  • Tanja Oswald

  • Ali Butler

  • Isha Matous-Gibbs

  • Claudia Perdomo

  • Peer-Daniel Krause

  • Brent Wellsch

  • Natasha Sheppard

  • Sarah Ravlic

  • Marina Jozipovic

  • Jen Casorso

  • Jade Arignon

  • Julianne Kucheran

  • Ken Gauthier

  • Erin Welk

  • Urban-Matters-Matt-Thomson-Feat2

    Matt Thomson


  • Jeyolyn Christi

  • Alex Miller

  • Gayle Frank

  • Angie Mojica

  • Kelsea Korki

  • Jessica Wang

  • Karen Lai

  • Wendy Mitchell

  • Stan Leyenhorst

  • Urban-Matters-Andrew-Greer

    Andrew Greer

  • David Carruthers

  • Urban-Matters-Jerome-L

    Jerome Lengkeek

We invite expressions of interest to work with our dynamic team.

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