Applied Social Innovation




 Urban Matters CCC was created to deliver upon Applied Social Innovation; working with communities to bring real solutions to life in the social serving sector in a sustainable way.

What is Applied Social Innovation?

Applied – Beyond thought-leadership, we aspire to impact-leadership – we look to apply social innovations and prototype solutions with partners with an appreciation for real-world constraints. Our thought leadership will be achieved by ‘doing’, through successes and failures in delivering outcomes.

Social – We work in social and community development – our clients may range from businesses, to social enterprises, to governments, and not-for-profits, but our target beneficiary will always be the community, and particularly the underserved portions of it.

Innovation – The language of innovation today is often taken to be synonymous with technology changes, our brand of innovation is one that looks to create new and exciting mechanisms for improved outcomes for people. We look to support the creation of prototype projects, enduring structured partnerships, and new actors to create sustainable impact.

At Urban Matters CCC we are currently delivering Applied Social Innovation in three linked and mutually reinforcing service areas – Advisory Services, Community Housing and Social Enterprise Development.

Explore our individual service pages, as well as our range of case studies and project descriptions, many of which cut across these service areas.

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