Social and Economic Inclusion 

Erin is deeply invested in creating a future of inclusive growth and full participation for everyone in society. Her work is rooted in the local and she is most energized convening diverse groups of community change-makers. She draws on years of facilitation and collaboration expertise and aims to facilitate group trust while moving from talk to action.

Erin has spent the last several years working with communities across Canada to align actions around climate change, affordable housing, homelessness and coordinating responses to the opioid overdose crisis. More recently, she has been working to increase meaningful opportunities for workplace participation for people with intellectual disabilities and for people experiencing poverty and/or addiction. As a result, she is increasingly drawn to economic inclusion as one solution to complex social challenges. For that reason, Erin is focused on growing Urban Matters CCC’s outcomes in the areas of social and economic inclusion.

Erin lives in Kelowna, BC next to a small mountain. When she’s not dancing or cooking, she takes any opportunity she gets to find bigger mountains to fuel her passion for mountain biking, skiing, and trail running.

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