Talia is our Social Health and Well-Being Analyst and is a dedicated community organizer who brings a social justice lens to policy analysis. She is a skilled community researcher with experience researching needs of vulnerable communities in developing countries. In addition to her knack for translating complex ideas into local action, she brings over four years of experience in local government leading strategic planning and program analysis aimed at enhancing community safety and facilitating sustainable development. Talia is known for her ability to strengthen relationships and build consensus among diverging groups. She is an adept and empathetic communicator with a passion for engaging local communities to foster community resilience. She uses her lived experience of being a South Asian immigrant woman to advocate for integrating intersectionality into service design. Talia also has over ten years of experience working with community agencies to implement cultural diversity and community well-being programming. Talia holds a master’s degree in public policy and global affairs and a bachelor’s degree in international relations, with a specialization in international economy and development.

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