Isha Matous-Gibbs

Systems Analyst and Partnerships – Social Health and Well-Being

Isha Matous-Gibbs is a community health and wellness planner who is passionate about working in spaces where social service, health and built environment intersect. She uses a holistic planning approach to develop a thorough understanding of how community systems interact on a foundational level and as a whole. Recognizing that decision-making in communities do not always include those who are most vulnerable, she is interested in working with governments, health authorities, and developers to integrate equitable and collaborative planning practices to policymaking and urban design to create more inclusive communities. Isha is also passionate about how placemaking helps to build community identity and how communities can evolve to be more grief-friendly. She brings her past experience working in homeless shelters and an educational background in Health and Community Services from the University of Victoria. She also possess a degree in Community Planning from Vancouver Island University and is a candidate member to become a Registered Professional Planner. In both her personal and professional life, Isha is committed to meaningful Reconciliation and is honoured to be a guest of the people of Turtle Island and K’ómoks First Nation.