Jake Papineau

Social Planning Consultant

Jake Papineau is an enthusiastic community consultant with experience in a wide range of topics, such as community planning, land use development, engagement and consultation, recreation and culture, sustainability and resiliency, data collection analysis, and strategy development at multiple scales including for municipalities, businesses, and non-profits. As a problem solver interested in tackling unique challenges, he is excited about digging into more projects related to economic development, strategic planning and the future of work. (As the world moves toward automation, how might the physical structure of communities have to change to accommodate this shift?) He is also expanding his knowledge in economic impact assessment to support decision-makers in making investments in social infrastructures. Jake has a Master of Planning from Dalhousie University, an undergraduate in History and Human Geography from the University of Alberta and is a PhD candidate in Rural Studies at the University of Guelph. Jake has held national scholarships for his research, has published work in international academic journals, and has been recognized for his teaching efforts while a graduate student. He is also working towards completing a Certificate in Economic Development. He lives in Edmonton with his partner Tessa and two dogs, Sam and Juniper, and loves woodworking, hiking, and finds pretty much everything interesting.