Brent Wellsch is a systemic designer/strategist that has recently joined the Urban Matters team and will be working from the Edmonton office a couple days a week.

Brent has spent the last 12 years working with the Government of Alberta.  He is a proud alumnus with the Alberta CoLab, one of Canada’s first public sector innovation labs.  With the CoLab, Brent first served as a practicing Systemic Designer, and then later joined its management team whereby he and his colleagues used a range of traditional and emerging methodologies (e.g. systemic design, strategic foresight and behavioral insights) to help the public sector embrace ambiguity and innovate through some of its most complex challenges.

Brent has used his skills to support clients working on a wide range of issues, including energy transition and climate change, early childhood education, reforming family justice, gender equality, and supporting youth with complex needs, to name a few.

He possesses a Bachelor of Arts-Honours (University of Saskatchewan) and a Master of Arts (Dalhousie University) with focuses in International Relations/Development.  Before CoLab, Brent spent time as a public policy professional within the Government of Alberta, both in policy development and program/policy evaluation.

As a skilled social innovator, facilitator and convenor, Brent is proud to have joined the Urban Matters team and seeks to contribute to their collective efforts to address complex issues that are affecting the well-being of community and organizations alike. 

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